Biddr was India’s first gamified hotel booking platform where someone can negotiate with an AI to book the hotels, in-case AI fails to close the deal, a hotel manager or owner can deal in a private space. It is win-win situation for both.

Services Provided

An explainer video is a very effective way to explain a concept to your target audience that is the reason this new age presentation is getting popular these days. But there could be a lot of skills could be involved to create a masterpiece.

Character Design

Rana Bhaumik


Pawan Verma


Praveen Binjola

Music Editing

Praveen Binjola

Storyboard comes alive

Our aim was to create a seamless 2D Explainer Video for mobile app Biddr, helping viewers and prospective customers understand the process and steps to take for booking a room at the last minute, with a comprehensive bidding structure that the brand operates on.

Explainer Animations

We emphasis on the explanation & minor details of the concepts.

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