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The Idea

Capture Westeros’ essence with a limited edition Pebble smartwatch. Channeling iconic sigils, themes, and exclusive watch faces, this collaboration immerses fans in the realm, blending functionality with the mystique of the Seven Kingdoms. Winter is coming, and so is this legendary timepiece.

Our Approach

Collaborating with the renowned and iconic show “Game of Thrones” presented an incredible opportunity for our studio. Embracing this project, we dedicated our top-tier resources to ensure its success aligned seamlessly with the brand’s vision. Employing a comprehensive 360-degree strategy, we meticulously crafted assets that transcended the typical confines of a 3D product video.

Our team delved deep into the essence and essence of Game of Thrones, conscientiously adhering to the stringent guidelines set forth by Warner Bros. This aspect proved to be the most formidable challenge throughout the project—navigating the landscape of creativity while respecting and staying true to the prescribed boundaries. It was akin to containing a vibrant pool of creative ideas within the constraints of predefined parameters.

Despite the complexity, our endeavor culminated in a collection of assets that not only met but surpassed expectations, resonating authentically with the thematic fabric of Game of Thrones. This collaboration has been a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and our ability to merge creativity with compliance, resulting in a project that stands as a testament to our dedication and innovation in the industry.

At Takila Design Studio, our creative prowess was unleashed in crafting a diverse array of assets tailored specifically for Game of Thrones, elevating the brand experience to new heights:

  1. Teaser: A captivating glimpse into the essence of Game of Thrones, teasing the audience with its mystique and grandeur.
  2. 3D Reveal Videos: Immersive and dynamic videos bringing to life the intricate details of the Game of Thrones universe in a stunning three-dimensional presentation.
  3. Packaging: Meticulously designed packaging that encapsulates the essence of the series, enhancing the product’s allure and appeal.
  4. UI Design: User interfaces intricately crafted to immerse users in a digital realm reminiscent of the Game of Thrones aesthetic, ensuring an engaging and authentic experience.
  5. Watch Faces: Custom watch faces that intricately blend the show’s iconic elements with functional elegance for an immersive user experience.
  6. Stickers: Expressive and unique stickers that capture the essence of Game of Thrones, allowing fans to personalize their digital conversations.
  7. Product Landing Pages: Engaging and visually compelling landing pages that seamlessly introduce and showcase Game of Thrones-inspired products, inviting consumers into the world of Westeros.
  8. Key Visual Design: Compelling and impactful visual elements that serve as the cornerstone of the brand, evoking the spirit of Game of Thrones in every detail.

Each asset was meticulously created, intertwining creativity with adherence to strict guidelines, thereby ensuring a cohesive and authentic representation of the Game of Thrones universe. Our dedication to seamlessly merging creative deliverables within the boundaries of established guidelines resulted in a unified and impactful portrayal of this iconic brand.