Blueroots is a smart lighting application that works without internet or hub or switches. It creates an automated system of devices. The name Blueroots is a combination of two things, Blue means Bluetooth & roots signify the network on which devices are connected to each other and work in a symphony.


It is a foundational & important step that should be done with your users about their experience, liking & engagement, after all, they are the ones who will use the app in the future. I had a few brainstorming session with the correct set of users to ensure that we are going towards right direction of our project.


A perfect user journey is really important for an app to perform. I have tried to keep it as simple as it could be for a user to setup and access the all the features of app swiftly


Is the most important aspect of an application design. With blueroots we kept is the UI so intuitive and simple that your grandmother would be able to operate.


Intuitive, simple & clear, that is how a dashboard should be.
All the necessary elements are incorporated here with master on & off button.

Color Selection

There is 2 way you can select your desired color & 2 way to apply an effect or preset.
1. By simply using HSB and color wheel.
2. By adjusting RGBW Sliders
3. For effects you can simply go through the images carousel.
4. For presets you can simply go through the images carousel.

This static bar is dedicated for the navigation between all colors and effects



Human-centric Lighitng

Also we have added addtional tab for human-centric lighting to be used daily & regular basis. A pre-defined presets for easy operation.

Some Ideas Concepts Stories in your mind ?